Wednesday, 17 December 2014


Since publishing this document. My Nan has passed away. Now not only am I essentially an orphan I am also redundant/unemployed for the 1st time in over five years. I find the prospect of re-entering the job market and benefit system very distressing. I couldn't afford to be stuck in a zero hour contract when I have two young children to support. I have amassed a broad range of skills, however I have little to know references. My Nan was my employer and even if she was alive a reference from her wouldn't scream professionalism. I have the social stigma of my personal background and also with my autism. Two things which may effect me getting a new job. I am hard working dedicated and driven. My competition is going to me younger then me with more qualifications and references. I could go back into education, run up more debts I can't afford to pay. I have been given options from JobCentre, I can either get myself signed off medically and go on ESA or go straight on to JSA.

I will now have to process a claim for housing benefit until I find a new job. Which means My family is classed as over occupying as we have a "Three" bedroom house. Two bedrooms and a box room we use as a nursery for our youngest. So we would only get housing benefit to cover rooms the local authority think we "need". As they are both female children they may share a bedroom etc. Which is not fair on my eldest. My youngest still doesn't sleep through the night, and would disturb her older sister effecting her sleep and schooling as a knock on effect. If we have to relocate because of the high rents in this housing bubble within the county we are in. My eldest would have to enrol in new school. Which again is not fair on her. She is settled and happy and thriving, I don't want to have to uproot her just because we live in a home where both my children have their own space.

In a more positive note, since this data has gone public, I have so far received great public response. Over 600 views and still 100% of the public vote. If I could personally thank you and shake each of your hands I would. Mark Williams MP tweeted in response, and I have met with his case worker today. Very surprising turn of events. I didn't know what to expect when I posted this letter. I still don't. I just felt like no one was listening and I was sick of repeating myself so why not just tell the whole world. Let everything out in the open for all to see. Let the people judge me once they know all the facts.