Wednesday, 17 December 2014


Dear Mr Deardon,

We write further to your telephone call of yesterday.

We confirm as follows.

1. We represented you as Duty Solicitor at Court
2. You refused to take our advice regarding plea and no plea was entered.
3. It was your case that you required a specialist mental health solicitor as you are on the autistic spectrum
4. On your behalf as you did not enter a plea, we asked for your case to be adjourned in order for you to self refer to the mental health team
5. Th case has been adjourned to WEDNESDAY 7th JANUARY 2014 at ABERYSTWYTH in order for you to bring along a mental health advocate
6. Your papers show that you made admissions when you were interviewed uner caution by the benefits agency. We shall immediately by first class post send you the papers as you yestaerday requested them

You have refused to give your telephone number so that we may discuss matters with you because you are autistic.

Yours sincerely,

 I don't want liable action against me so have removed the named Solictors
My Reply


Should I have had to request them? No they should have been returned to me without having to ask. You didn't look at any of information provided. I wanted your responce in writing so I can forward it to relevant people. You didn't even have correct court date on original letter. According to yourself I was meant to be in court Sunday jan 4th? You were aware of my autism yet still made errors, causing me further distress. Is their an alloyed time per case as you barely gave me more then 5 minutes of your time. I have made a lot of material public over the past few days. My grandmother has also just died this morning. So from jan I will qualify for legal aid if I should need it. Perhaps then I will get more then a brief 5 min legal council through our revolving door lack of justice system

Also you haven't even spelt my name right



The Following Day Still No Documents
Documents have still not arrived. Even with 1st classed post their is no assurences it will arrive any time soon. This is afterall the busiest time of year for the post office. They have huge backlogs. Was it sent recored delivery? I Could have come and collected them from the court personally if they had been left for me etc. Instead I have to worry about not having them. Shortening the lenght of time I have to prepare a propper legal defense.